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For as long as I can remember, real estate has been a passion that courses through my veins. This love affair with real estate began in the early years of my childhood, spending summers at my grandparent's farm. Back then, milking cows and riding tractors was the pinnacle of excitement, but those days on the farm embedded something much deeper within me. Witnessing the pride and dedication my grandfather invested in his land was more than inspiring; it taught me that a property could sustain life across generations. This early lesson transformed my understanding of what a house could be – not just a structure made of dirt, lumber, doors, and shingles, but a sanctuary that nurtures dreams and harbors safety.

My home has always been my launching pad for dreams, whether envisioning scoring goals like the Great One or emulating my father's entrepreneurial spirit. Those dreams took root in my grandfather's backyard, a place of conversation, learning, and reflection with my family. Today, my life is still profoundly intertwined with real estate. Conversations at our dinner table, outings with friends, and even our morning discussions revolve around real estate and renovations – and I wouldn't have it any other way; it's freaking awesome!

Outside of "talking shop," my life is filled with planning our next adventure, spending quality time with our pooches, staying active in the gym, enjoying the camaraderie at the hockey rink, or seeking tranquility in the mountains. However, you'll most likely find me navigating the residential home market. My passion for residential real estate is not just a career; it's a calling.

 I took a significant step in my real estate journey by becoming a licensed real estate agent. This milestone wasn't just a personal achievement; it marked the beginning of a shared dream with my partner. Together, we launched our real estate team, a vision we've harbored for a long time, founded on the principles of community and mentorship. This team is more than a business endeavor; it's a manifestation of our shared belief in the power of home and the importance of community.

Our team is a testament to our shared values and ambitions, aiming to guide and support others in finding their sanctuary, their starting point for dreams, and their safe haven. Whether I'm reminiscing about my days on the farm or envisioning the future of our team, one thing remains constant – my love for residential real estate and the belief in the profound impact a home can have on a person's life.


My best friend family recommended Jeremy to us, which it was very important to us as we didn't want just anyone dealing with the sale of our house. Jeremy took time and went with us through the whole process, we followed everything he suggested to us. Jeremy was also understanding our family situation as we have a special need daughter. Overall if I had to sell again I would definitely have him as my realtor. We sincerely thanks Jeremy for everything.
Maria Tobías, Edmonton Alberta, left feedback 1 months ago
I have worked with Jeremy multiple times and have recommended him to all friends and family as a broker. I can not say enough great things as he makes every experience enjoyable and with his vast knowledge makes buying and selling properties a headache free experience.
Eric Orser, Edmonton, left feedback 1 months ago
Buying a home is a difficult process sometimes but that is largely because you need help with details that you wouldn't even know about until you're told or shown. With that said, Jeremy has extensive knowledge in home buying. He doesn't just show you homes to try sell, but rather you can tell he is showing you homes that meet your criteria. He will recommend against bad picks for you and give you a proper objective opinion on homes and why they are good and/or bad. Ultimately, you need to trust the people you are working with and you can't sell Jeremy short in that department. This man knows his stuff and is looking for your best interest. I would recommend him any day - 10/10.
Timour Stropel, Edmonton, AB, left feedback 1 months ago
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