Empowering you home selling journey: A 5-Step Guide

Here are some of the main pillars to consider when selling your home - 5 steps to successfull selling your home

Step 1 | Understanding your Selling Motivations and Goals

Discover your "Why"

Start your home selling journey off by getting a clear understanding of your motivation and aspirations. Taking time to dig into your "why" will help guide the rest of the process and make sure you stay focused. Whether you are upsizing to accomodate a growing family, downsizing to mitigate stress and responsibility or simply seeking a change of scenery we are here to listen, understand and assist in creating a plan to make it happen. Our team takes the time to delve into your specific circumstances, ensuring that our advice and strategy align perfectly with your objectives.

Step 2 | Honest Property Valuation and Market Analysis

Setting realistic and achievable goals

It is important to lean into your trusted real estate agent's expertise to help set achievable and realistic goals when selling your home. We provide you with a comprehensive market analysis, enabling you to understand the true property valuation in the current market as well as some of the challenges we may experience along the way.  We take your household finances very seriously and we will always do our best to provide expert advice and be honest about some of our personal blind spots and obstacles we may face.  Having a full picture will help you plan accordingly and with a deeper understanding of your desires we will be able to create a personalized selling expereince.

Step 3 | Preparing your Home for Sale

This step is about more than just making your home look appealing; it's about creating a space that resonates with potential buyers, helping them envision their future in your home.

The Power of First Impressions

First impressions in real estate are absolutely crucial.  This stage althoguh not glamorous is possibly the most important as it is the foundation to the "selling your home" process. Here are some steps you can take to prepare your home:

  • Declutter and Depersonalize
  • Refresh and Repair
  • Clean, clean, clean

Next up: Staging to Impress

Staging is an art that can significantly enhance the appeal of your home. Whether you are working with one of our talented team members or one of our reccommended stagers, we will ensure that your home is presented in it's best light.  Whether it is rearranging furniture, add a consistant accent colour, flowers, fresh fruit, our attention to detail will help bring the new owner home.

Step 4 | Marketing and Showcasing your Home

Edmonton Area is unique and diverse. Each community has its own character. Each neighborhood appeals to a different buyer. To obtain the highest possible sales price for your home, the marketing must reach the right buyers with the right message. We have the network and experience to do this.  Here is where we bring it all together and create that "first impression" for the market to fall in love with. Our team offers the following services to market your home:

  • Professional Photography (this is part of our standard package.) Our photographers specialize in real estate photography, capturing the essense of your home and making it stand out amongst the rest.
  • 3D Tour, floor plan (and RMS compliant measurements. )  3D tours and floors plans help to cut down on unnecessary showings. Allowing the home buyer to really understand your property before choosing to schedule a showing.
  • Video. We love to have fun with this. Creating a video that is enjoyable to watch, perhaps with a humour or sentimental aspect is very important for catching the attention of those who are house hunting. The video also plays a very important role in all of our social media marketing of your property.

The old adage, "You can't judge a book by its cover" is passé today. This is a fast-paced, image-oriented society in which we live. First impressions really do count! Every piece of information on your property, whether it be a brochure, the wording in the Realtors® Association of Edmonton MLS® System, a presence on the Internet, or a well-placed advertisement, must show your home in the best possible light.

Step 5 | Navigating Offers and Completing the Sale

Congratulations! We have reached the final step of your home selling journey. All of our hard work has been successful and we have received an offer.  We are here to ensure that this final stage is smooth, transparent, and rewarding for you. Our role is to empower you with information and advice, enabling you to make informed decisions. We'll discuss the pros and cons of each offer, considering factors like buyer qualifications, offer price, contingencies, and closing timelines. Rest assured, our guidance is always honest and in your best interest. What you can expect next:

  • Offer received. Timeliness is very important as tensions are high.
  • Negotiation comenses & completes. When negotiating offers it is important to remember your "why" and your goals.  Negotiation is a delicate art, and our experienced agents excel in balancing firmness with flexibility.
  • Pending Period This time frame is typically to benefit the purchaser. 
  • Waiver received.  We are unconditionally sold!  
  • Title Transfer Time to meet with your lawyer and sign off on transferring your home.  Our attention to detail means you can relax, knowing every aspect of the closing is being handled professionally.
  • Funds received & Keys are release. Celebrate good times common! Your home is sold. As one door closes another one opens. You can now celebrate.

At the haven real estate team 🕊️, we understand that selling your home is more than a transaction; it's a life transition. We are here to support, guide, and inspire you throughout this process. By preparing your home for sale with care and expertise, we aim to not only attract potential buyers but also to ensure that your home sells for the best possible price.

During all phases of a listing from the initial paperwork and promotion through the very last details of the closing, we personally attend to all of the details. As a result, the large majority of our transactions come through referrals and repeat business.

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